Friday, February 11, 2011

February Mystery Tour 2

Rhyming riddles are lots of fun,
though it is rare when I solve one.
Below are two on which I thought,
I got one right; the other, naught.

After that I give two more,
so simple, you can raise your score!
I could not make the last two rhyme,
I frankly didn't have the time.

Answers, tomorrow.

1. From Lewis Carroll:

John gave his brother James a box,
About it there were many locks.
James woke and said it gave him pain,
So he gave it back to John again.
The box was not with lid supplied,
Yet caused two lids to open wide.
And all these locks had never a key,
What kind of box, then, could it be?

2. Compliments to

Four men sat down to play.
They played all night till break of day.
They played for gold and not for fun,
With separate scores for everyone.
When they had come to square accounts,
They all had made quite fair amounts.
Can you the paradox explain,
If no one lost, how all could gain?

Two for the road:

3. Why does the barber in Oatmeal, Nebraska, say he'd rather shave ten skinny men than one fat one?

4. One of the fastest runners alive once claimed he was so fast he could turn off the light in his bedroom and get into his bed before the room went dark.  On one occasion, he proved it.  How?


mvorpal said...

Here are your answers:

1. Carroll is referring to a "box of the ears," a term not used much these days. It means cupping the hands and striking someones ears.

2. The "players" are band members.

3. The barber makes far more money shaving 10 men than one.

4. The man turned off the light during the day.

belleshpgrl said...

I got number 3!!!! Maybe I AM an entrepreneur after all!