Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Mystery Tour 1

I've decided I will write at least one blog entry a week in February and dedicate each to some small mystery.  Warning: I make no promise that I will solve the mystery for the curious reader; maybe yes, maybe no.  Have you ever noticed that part of the wonder lies in wondering?

My children routinely amaze me with their dynamically eclectic taste in music.  All three have journeyed all over the musical map, no destination too remote.  This one is for them...

I have two music pieces in mind. Kids, here is proof that I have found and listened to some Indie music all on my own.  What follows is a piece by The Twang.  I love it when people transmit their joy through their music, and these guys just seem to be having a great time, and the crowd too. 

"F*** it all Manchester, I think this is one of the best nights of me life."

Here is a special treat, one you can crank up and float away on.  Let the video mesmerize you, or do something else while you listen, either way it's tough not to be travelling somehow when you hear this song.  Sometimes the You Tube comments tell a neat little story about the vids:

"I went to see Rocky Votolato at a festival on the other side of Washington. Me and my friend found these guys outside of a motel room. We smoked with them and played hacky sack for a while then they gave us a cd and we saw them the next day at the show. I was really surprised whenever I find a band and they give me a cd they usually suck but this band is incredible. "

Just nice.  Here is Mimicking Birds.

"...dark matter and toxic's just a dusty interstellar saloon..."

So what's the mystery?  Each of these songs has a particular, special meaning to me; one has very deep, even painful meaning; the other just served to be a pleasant little surprise.  Which is which and why?  Sorry, not telling... 


AuPair Extraordinaire said...

hey, finding your own indie music, well done! i must say, i was a big fan of the second one especially!

belleshpgrl said...

I love "Drinking in LA." I had totally forgotten about it until you posted this. Thanks for sharing! I think I know which is which, btw.