Thursday, April 22, 2010

On "Pitching a Bitch"

Not long ago
I had an itch
To chuck it all
And pitch a bitch.

The moment passed
but not for free;
said one crass word,
or maybe three.

It happened quick
when I let go,
At someone close.
And don't you know

they took it hard.
And unexpected,
was not accepted.

Though days ago,
it figures large
in things like chores,
and who's in charge,

and whether I'll get
for wounded pride
or injured knee.

I don't know;
if we wait a while,
will we still joke
and share a smile?

Or has it changed
a verbal scar,
unsettled score.

I'd take it back
if such could be
but nothing works
that easily.

So pitch that bitch
go on, dispense
without a thought
to consequence.

Or down the line
instead reflect,
bad things unsaid
don't feel neglect.