Friday, November 14, 2008

To know them is to love them

A post-election article in today's local paper prompts this entry. It was titled "No Truce Between Miller and Kelso." I don't know why it's news that after the election the candidates don't always bury the hatchet.
Due to being in the military and, quite frankly, never feeling like I really belonged anywhere I've lived, I don't usually get into local politics. This last election was an exception, partly because it was"so important." I made an effort to learn about our South Carolina US Congressional seat, and ended up voting for the one who distorted his/her opponent's positions the least (unfortunately, we lost).
I also went so far as to look into the local state congressional seat, the contest between Jill Kelso (R) and Vida Miller (D), the incumbent. I really could not find out much about them, there was no detaled background online. So I decided to vote for Kelso for no other reason than that I was registered Republican and in general, agree with what Republicans are SUPPOSED to be doing--weak, I know, but a fallback position nontheless.
Anyway, something unexpected happened. While I was in the 2 hour line to vote, I met Vida Miller. She just happened to vote in the exact same precinct as me. That precinct includes all of Charleston, so you can see what the chances were she voted at the local Library. She came down the line, shook our hands and said thanks for voting. I was careful to see if she did anything to win our vote, which is of course illegal, but she did not. Now while I was waiting in line, I got to thinking, she's not so bad. She is one of 3 politicians I've actually met, the other 2 being Hubert Humphrey and George H.W. Bush. I have to say, just to meet these people in person is incredibly persuasive--I guess you get a little star struck. I bet if you are around these people all the time you become inured to that effect. It's a shame, really, that we all can't meet all the candidates for races we vote in. Maybe we could compare that charisma presence thing and then dismiss it.
BTW, I'm not telling who I voted for in the local race. Suffice to say, Miller won though it was close.


belleshpgrl said...

You met Humphrey!? When was that? Why didn't I know that??

mvorpal said...

Humphrey was LBJ's VP and ran against Nixon in '68, narrowly lost. He visited the UF Campus sometime between '71 and '75, I think it was '72, can't remember but that was the year he was trying for the Democratic nomination but didn't get it. He was walking outside the student Union without a lot of fanfare, just a couple people around him asking questions. I just happened to be walking by. I stood by but didn't say anything. He was tanned and like I said in the blog, he was impressive in person. He had an easy laugh and seemed very grounded. He probably would have made a much better prez than Jimmy Carter.

belleshpgrl said...

That's a neat story. Thanks, Dad!